The Centre's Policies and Procedures

If you need any further information on any of these policies, please do not hesitate to contact Centre Management.

Acceptance & Refusal of Authorisations

Administration of First Aid



Behaviour Guidance Policy, Procedures& Information

Child Protection

Clothing & Comfort

Code of Conduct

Dangerous Products

Delivery & Collection of children from the service; including Non-Collection of Children

Dental Health


Emergency & Evacuation Management


Enrolment & Orientation Policy & Procedures

Excursion policy & procedures

Fee's, Charges & Payments

Food Safety Program

Governance & Management of the Service

Grievance & Complaints Management

Hygiene & Infection Control

Head Lice

Immunisation & Health Related Exclusion Policy, Procedures & Information.

Incident, Injury, Trauma & lllness Policy, Procedures & Information

Infectious diseases policy & procedures


Maintenance of Building & Equipment

Minimising the use of Toxic Products  

Nutrition, Food & Beverages, Dietary Requirements

Occupation Health & Safety

Policy Development & Review

Privacy & Confidentiality

Planning & Evaluating Children’s Experiences

Records Management

Rest & Sleep Policy

Smoke Free Environment

Sun Protection

Supporting Children’s Individual Needs; including interactions with children

Water Safety