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Management Team



Full Time

Centre Manager

Nominated Supervisor 

Columbia Park Early Learning Centre.

I have been at Columbia Park Early Learning Centre for 13 years.

We believe in focusing on forming partnerships with families and providing the best foundation for every child who attends our centre. Our curriculum and foundation is implemented in a play-based approach.

One of my main focus in the year of 2024 is to empower my team into a mindful approach of living and supporting our community by being positive, inclusive and resilient so that we can achieve our best possible mental health.

The management group works close with our board of members to see that this centre is long standing.

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Part Time - Monday, Wednesday & Thursday

Assistant Manager and Educational Leader

I have been at Columbia Park Early Learning Centre previously as an educator and have recently returned to take on a management role.

I have a strong focus on building relationships with the children and their families, as well as the wider community.

As the Educational Leader, one of my main focuses is to mentor and motivate the teaching team as we strive for a play-based program that is founded through enhancing each child's learning and development.



Part Time in the office - Tuesday and Wednesday

Senior Lead Educator, Senior OHS Rep and Child Safe Advocate.

I have currently been at Columbia Park Early Learning Centre for 13 years. 

I became an Early Childhood Educator because I love educating and caring for children, and watching how their individual personalities make every day unique and special. I love the relationships you build with the children and their families, that last long after they've finished at Columbia Park. And I love the amazing workmates who have become lifelong friends. 

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