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The educational program and practice is stimulating, engaging and enhances children’s learning and development. At Columbia Park ELC the children participate in a program that nurtures the development of life skills and complements children’s experiences, opportunities and relationships.

Being, Becoming & Belonging

The Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF) and  the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) aims to advance all children’s learning and development from birth to eight years of age.

The VEYLDF and EYLF provides early childhood professionals a common language for describing outcomes for children. It describes best practice principles to help guide early childhood professionals in their work with children and families to achieve the best results for every child.


Our Strengths

Columbia Park ELC is highly regarded by families, in the Education and Care Service and the local community.

We pride ourselves with our substainable practices and inclusive practices.



Our Team of Educators ...

Are highly qualified and experienced Early Childhood Professionals. Our Educators are dedicated to the vision of high quality education and care program for all children. Our educators respect diversity and provide the children with a meaningful education program.


Our Facilities

Our purpose-built building are owned by the City of Monash which provides the children with an environment for learning. We are a Community based centre non-profit organisation.



Our Families

Form strong partnerships and relationships with the centre.

Our families provide time, assistance, ideas, support and feedback for the centre to develop and continue to be an asset for the community.


Our Management Committee ...

Are dedicated parents who offer their time and skills in the overall running of the Centre.


We endeavour to create a child safe organisation


To create and maintain a child safe organisation with strategies that are embedded in the organisational culture.


A child safe policy of commitment is established for children safety in the environment.


A code of conduct that are clear of expectations for appropriate behaviour with children.


Strategies to promote the participation and empowerment of children.


"An environment which is spiritually, socially, emotionally safe and physically safe for children, families and educators"





Benefits of Enrolling in Our Kindergarten Program


The centre opens from 7.00am, closes at 6.00pm Monday through to Friday.


It is a government-funded 4 year old kindergarten program, facilitated by a qualified Bachelor of Early Childhood Education Teacher and two Qualified Educators.


During school terms, the Kindergarten program ultinates and operates -


4 years Kinder program

Week 1 - 8.30am till 1.36pm

Week 2 - 12.30pm till 5.30pm


3 years Kinder program

Week 1 8.30am till 1.36pm

Week 2 12.30pm till 1.36pm 


The program is managed by two Qualified Educators for the remainder of the day, extending on the Kindergarten Curriculum.


A warm, friendly, stimulating, meaningful learning environment is provided for the children to feel safe, secure and supported during their learning.


This encourages the children to think critically as they engage in the educational program.


The kinder program offers opportunity for excursions which the children participate in are The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, CERES and Traffic School, as well many incursions, Chinese traditional Dance, the Aboriginal Indigenous Incursion and Reptile Encounters. The families have plenty of opportunties for involvement in the program such as Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Specials Persons Evening, Grandparents Week, Celebrating family week, childrens week, book week etc.. We participate in various community based activities and raise money for their organisation such as SIDS, MELBOURNE WINTER SLEEP OUT and WORLDS GREATEST SHAVE. In our educational program Indeginous Culture and diversity is embeded and celebrated.


By enrolling in our 3 and  4 years old Kindergarten funded program, you will have the benefit of extended hours in the Early Childhood program.


No need to schedule drop-off or pick-up times with work, family or friends as we are open from 7.00am to 6.00pm throughout the year including school holidays (excluding public holidays)


  • The children experiencing School Hours
    Being an Early Learning Centre, we operate for longer hours preparing your child for school.

  • Kindergarten Closure Periods
    Our Kindergarten Teacher is on the premises during the school terms. During the holidays, our Kindergarten Teacher is away, that does not stop our program from running! Our two Qualified Educators operate the program throughout this time.

  • No need to pack a Lunch Bag!
    We have a fulltime Cook on premises who prepares all meals such as morning tea, hot lunch & afternoon tea for the children. All meals are made according to dietary requirements and any food allergies children may have. Breakfast is provided only between 7.00-8.00am.

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