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Above Award Conditions for teaching team
  • 4% above award wages - Children Services Award. 

  • Full time educators occur a monthly RDO.

  • Centre closes over Christmas Holiday Break usually for 2 weeks enables educators to have family time, deep clean, maintenance (painting etc.) 

  • We roster and staff centre per room ratio, not under the roof line.

  • Experienced Centre Manager.

  • An Assistant Manager who is also the Educational Leader has 4 hrs a week off the floor dedicated to the educational role 

  • X2 Kinder Teachers paid under the VECTEA .

  • All after hrs events/functions such as meetings (staff or committee) teaching team attend they are paid accordingly.   

  • Lead educators receive an allowance of $10.00 per working day. 

  • OHS officers receive an allowance. 

  • Sustainability champion receives an allowance. 

  • Birthday $75 visa master card for all educators. 


Non-contact time for educators (planning time) 

  • All room educators/teachers have planning time promoting professional development for all.  

  • 3 hours per educator for documentation and implementation of the educational program which roughly translates ½ an hour per child.

  • An uninterrupted solid block of time is allocated weekly.  

  • * Please note planning time is not broken down per child as we have offer duties to fulfil in this allocated time. Such as planning and implementing the educational programs indoor and outdoors, connecting and communicating with specialists involved with the children, evaluating, meetings with families, connecting with schools, incursions/excursions development, writing reports and referrals etc. 



  • Chef employed 37.5 hours including going to the Butcher, Fruit and vegetable shop, Specialist stores and planning menus. 



  • The centre has a cleaner who does all the cleaning after hrs including a massive clean at the end of the year such as cleaning carpets, resealing floors, cleaning windows etc..  


Staff discount – 

Each staff members get $5.00 off their fees per day. 

Instead of $122.00 they pay $117.00 Full time instead of $117.00 they pay $113.00

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