Champions of all rooms



Cert III Educator

22 years at CPELC

Beata's focus is children's health and safety as well as following their individual strengths and interests.



Certificate III Educator

I have worked at Columbia Park ELC for 10 years. My focus is ensuring children are safe and secure while helping children understand more about the ecological environment.


Diploma Qualified Educator


Diploma Qualified Educator

I am a Diploma Qualified Educator who has been teaching children for over 8 years.

I have been a room leader for all ages throughout her career. I am passionate about providing educational experiences for children.


Some facts about me – I love my family, dog, going to the beach, hiking.

I spend time at home baking, doing pigsaw puzzles, being crafty, watching movies especially about animals, planets and history.

Sustainability Champion 



Diploma Qualified Educator 

Hi. I have been working at Columbia Park for 16 years and before that I worked at other centres and in kindergartens for many more. I am passionate about including sustainable practices into the rooms and the centre as a whole. I pride myself on being an advocate for the children and having their voices heard in all areas within the centre. A highlight of my job is seeing the children develop and grow during their time at the centre.