Part-Time Educators


Certificate 111 Educator

I have been working at Columbia Park ELC for 16 years. I work in all rooms. My focus is watching children learn and grow by building on their skills that prepare them for the future. AS an Educator we play a big role in shaping who the children are and become. 



Diploma Qualified Educator

14 years Industry Experience

10 years at CPELC

Cynthia is able to assist children from non-English speaking backgrounds to settle into their new environments and also able to communicate with grandparents using their home language. 


Diploma Qualified Educator

I have been working in early learning for over 30 years, including 7 years as a primary school teacher (Prep - Grade 2), 26 years in early learning centres, 22 of those at CPELC.  I value the interactions with the children and assisting them as they begin their learning journey in a warm, friendly and trusting environment. I particularly enjoy singing and story time with the children and seizing every opportunity to introduce and extend on concepts that will prepare them for, and develop a passion for life-long learning.


Certificate III Educator

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