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Babajin Room

4 Year Old Kindergarten


4 Year Old Kindergarten Teacher 
Monday - Friday during school terms 

Bachelor Of Early Childhood

Curriculum Design Officer

I have been the 4 Year Old Kinder teacher at CPELC for 12 years. I hold a Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies and Diploma of Children Services. I have worked in the early childhood sector for 25 years in various roles and am always continuously updating my knowledge and skills through Professional Development Seminars. My aim is to establish the foundations for each child's positive lifelong learning by nurturing children's holistic development whilst being a positive advocate for their rights; watching the children learn and develop in their own unique way, whilst also having fun!


Room Educator 

Tues - Fri

Diploma Educator has been at CPELC for 7 years and is a passionate educator who can educate children from all ages.


Tue - Thurs

ISS educator studying Cert 111 in early childhood. Monday in the woolert room and Friday in between the woolert and babajin room.

Our Program


We view children as capable, competent co contributors and acknowledge them as active participants in learning. The curriculum will incorporate integrated units, projects, concepts, group/individual work, and hands-on learning; focusing on their individual and group needs, and diverse learning styles, development, culture, interests, ideas, strengths and abilities as we work together with families to prepare the children for school.
As well as participating in a weekly bush Nature Explorers program, multiple incursions and excursions; such as traffic school, emergency services visits, science works, the museum and various walking excursions within the nearby community. 

‘Learning during early childhood proceeds from behavioural knowledge to symbolic or representational knowledge (Bruner 1983). For example, children learn to navigate their homes and other familiar settings long before they can understand the words left and right or read a map of the house. Developmentally appropriate programs provide opportunities for children to broaden and deepen their behavioural knowledge by providing a variety of firsthand experiences and by helping children acquire symbolic knowledge through representing their experiences in a variety of media, such as drawing, painting, construction of models, dramatic play, verbal and written descriptions.’ (Katz 1995).

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