4 Year Old Kinder (Bilby Room)


We view children as capable, competent co contributors and acknowledge them as active participants in learning. The curriculum will incorporate integrated units, projects, concepts, group/individual work, and hands-on learning; focusing on their individual and group needs, and diverse learning styles, development, culture, interests, ideas, strengths and abilities as we work together with families to prepare the children for school.  

‘Learning during early childhood proceeds from behavioural knowledge to symbolic or representational knowledge (Bruner 1983). For example, children learn to navigate their homes and other familiar settings long before they can understand the words left and right or read a map of the house. Developmentally appropriate programs provide opportunities for children to broaden and deepen their behavioural knowledge by providing a variety of firsthand experiences and by helping children acquire symbolic knowledge through representing their experiences in a variety of media, such as drawing, painting, construction of models, dramatic play, verbal and written descriptions.’ (Katz 1995).

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