Casual Educators


Casual Educator 

Diploma of Early Childhood and Care.

Currently studying Bachelor of Education. 

When I started CPELC I was only just a baby eager to learn, about each child, their age, their developmental stages and it was just a wonderful sight to see. As I started as casual I had the opportunity to go into each room and get to know everyone. When I got used to the centre and finished my Diploma, I changed my role to full time. I learnt more about teamwork, planning and documentation. Observing each child and writing down what they are doing in that particular play experience.

CPELC has given me the confidence in myself and I knew this was my passion to be working with children. However, my dream goal is to be working as a Deaf Facility teacher working with hearing impaired and deaf children. As I am hearing impaired myself with one cochlear implant I hoped to be a role model and send a positive message that we can achieve anything regardless of our disability. 

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